SUB-20 firmware update

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SUB-20 firmware update

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Firmware Update

1. Connect SUB-20 board to USB

2. Run SUB-20 Firmware Update Tool
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SUB-20 board should be detected by tool and listed in top box as
SUB-20 <S/N> <Version> or
SUB20-BOOT <S/N> <Version> if board is in bootloader mode

3. Load firmware image. Default image location is
C:\Program Files\SUB-20\firmware\

4. Press Update and wait for some magic.

5. Once update done you will get message:
clip0002.jpg (13.61 KiB) Viewed 8581 times
Follow the suggestion and

6. Unplug and plug back SUB-20 board from/to USB

Forced bootloader mode
If something went wrong and SUB-20 boards does not start, you can force it to run in bootloader mode.
For this:
1. Unplug SUB-20 board from USB

2. Close BOOT jumper or press and hold SW1 button

3. While jumper closed or button pressed plug SUB-20 into USB
You should get yellow led constantly on.
Still holding SW1 pressed ? :lol: No need any more. If it were BOOT jumper, open it now.

4. Go upside to Firmware Update procedure step 2.

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