SUB-20 driver for LabVIEW 64bit

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SUB-20 driver for LabVIEW 64bit

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If you are familiar with DLLs and LabVIEW, creating a 64-bit version of the driver is not too hard.
  1. Open user.lib\SUB20 v1.2 LV2013+\Public\Controls You will find 4 files.
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    Each of these accesses the 32-bit .NET DLL. You need to change each of them to point to the 64-bit version. The rest of the driver should then work OK.
  2. Start with “ref to SUB-20.ctl”. Right click on the control and then “Select .NET Class”. Browse to the 64-bit DLL. It is normally located here: C:\Program Files\SUB-20\bin\x64\sub20dnc_v4.dll
  3. Next, work through the 3 VIs.
  4. Right click on the constructor node, then Select Constructor. Then browse to the 64-bit DLL again. Make sure you retain the correct object name.
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  5. Use Tools>Advanced>Mass compile then browse to your “user.lib\SUB20 v1.2 LV2013+” folder to save everything.

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