Grex - The best video stabilizer

Grex - Advanced digital video stabilizer with high quality S-Video support
DVD Red PRO - Copy & Capture Protected VHS and DVD

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Grex - The best video stabilizer

Post by Andy55 »

I received my new Grex yesterday and found it very simple to connect. The most time consuming was setting up the A/V settings of the HDD/DVD recorder. On trialing it I found that it performed better than expected and allowed me to download and copy from pay TV to DVD recorder either direct to the DVD HDD or direct to DVD, this was totaly impossible without the Grex. I would like to congatulate your company on designing a compact, easy to use wonderful product. I am yet to try recording Pay to View programs but I am confident it will allow me to do this as well

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Re: Grex

Post by Superman »

I think this product is very convenient and good!

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Re: Grex

Post by Greig »

I recently bought a Grex from you and must say that it is working perfectly. I have a Panasonic DMR EH69 and can record any one the TV programs broadcast on the Astro Satellite TV network.

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Re: Grex - The best video stabilizer

Post by m~d »

I've owned my Grex unit for less than a month. In this short period of time I have learned how to use it for backing up my prized copy protected VHS library and to unblock wrangled signals from Satellite so that I can record what I want to watch repeatedly. For the combo recording unit I own, there are two different connections for each type of recording action. Switching back and forth from each type of recording connection is simple.

Also, there is a good deal of contrast (before and after Grex) in the quality of the viewing picture and the quality of the recordings I make.

I agree whole heartedly with the original reviewer who posted here: Grex is a marvelous video stabilizer. Whatsmore, Grex has enabled me to perform the recording tasks that the equipment and subscriptions I bought had deliberate blocks preventing me from using what I was paying for, for one of the major purposes both are intended to be used :!:

Before buying Grex, I contacted DIMAX's customer and technical online support teams in order to learn which product to buy. I received immediate and accurate responses.

After receving Grex, from the Middle East to the US, on time, I contacted DIMAX's support teams to get assistance with making the correct cable connections for each type of recording and viewing. Once again, DIMAX's support agents responded immediately and with the exact information I needed. This is a very helpful team of professionals.

If you've made online purchases before that turned into nightmares with the sellers disappearing, I can attest to DIMAX's professionalism before, during and after our basic business transactions.

Highest recommedations~

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