Grex Rocks!

Grex - Advanced digital video stabilizer with high quality S-Video support
DVD Red PRO - Copy & Capture Protected VHS and DVD

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Grex Rocks!

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Shane from Belgium, i'm using this device now for about 2 months and it is really great.
Now i can record all my pay per view shows, secured tv channels, ..

Thanks guys!!

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Post by xol »

Message we've got from David
Hi folks,

Since your documentation asks us to let you know how we fare with your product, I figured I'd drop you a line as I was browsing your web site.

I ordered a Grex unit from you a while back. I've now had it for almost a month. It has seen a fair amount of use so far, and I am ecstatic with the results!

I've recorded via the composite and S-Video connections. I have a pair of LG DR1F9H DVD recorders. The video sources come either from my cable TV (Comcast) or from Netflix streams via my WiFi enabled Blu-Ray players.

The unit has performed flawlessly and although I haven't tried hard to do so, upon casual viewing I have not been able to notice any sort of degradation of the signal (which I was, admittedly a bit afraid of).

Thanks so much, and rock on!

Happy customer from Colorado (USA)

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